WINDOWS 50ml Ceramic Coating by NANOLAB Ceramic Coatings Factory - Made in Israel


Introducing WINDOWS:

The next generation in glass surface protection. Our ultra hydrophobic ceramic coating revolutionizes the way you experience your vehicle’s windows. With its advanced formulation, water beads and rolls off effortlessly, leaving your windows crystal clear even during heavy rain.

Applying our NANOLAB WINDOWS is a breeze, making it accessible to anyone. Its easy-to-use formula allows a quick and efficient application, saving you time and effort.

Experience peace of mind knowing that our coating offers exceptional durability, providing long-lasting protection against environmental contaminants and everyday wear and tear.

Enhancing your driving experience and safety, the ultimate solution for glass surface protection!

Bottle Size: 50ml / 1.69 fl. oz.

Pre-Application Preparation: Ensure a crystal clear surface by thoroughly removing any traces of oil, grease, fat, fingerprints, etc., using our recommended PREP solution.

Tools Required: In addition to the coating material, prepare an applicator pad and two microfiber towels. Opt for towels of different colors if possible for better organization.

Application Method:

Apply an adequate amount of the coating material onto the applicator pad, ensuring it’s sufficiently primed for even distribution. If the applicator feels “stuck”, apply more material as needed.
Commence by outlining the area for application, starting from the surface edges. Then, create a central X shape to facilitate uniform coverage.
Employ crisscross motions to spread the material along the X and Y axes, ensuring thorough coverage.
For optimal results, consider applying an additional layer while the previous one is still “liquid” to guarantee complete coverage.

Buffing Phase: To promote strong adhesion, refrain from wiping the coating immediately post-application. Allow it to haze over or display the rainbow effect before proceeding. Use the first towel to swiftly remove excess material in straight lines; speed is key at this stage, with no need for perfection. Subsequently, utilize the second towel to buff the surface in circular motions, ensuring no high spots remain.

Curing Times:
Tack-Free: 30 minutes
Initial Curing: 12/24 hours (weather-dependent)
First Wash: 14 days
Full Curing: 30 days