WHEELS 50ml Ceramic Coating by NANOLAB Ceramic Coatings Factory - Made in Israel


Introducing WHEELS:

Our advanced high solids rate ceramic coating engineered specifically for wheels and calipers.

Unparalleled heat resistance and remarkable durability that surpasses industry standards. Our coating is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal performance even under intense driving conditions.

With its superior durability, it provides long-lasting protection against road debris, brake dust, and uv rays, keeping your wheels and calipers looking pristine. It also exhibits excellent chemical resistance, maintaining its integrity when exposed to cleaners, including iron remover and solvents.

Applying and maintaining WHEELS ceramic coating is a breeze, making it accessible to both professionals and diy enthusiasts.

Bottle Size: 50ml / 1.69 fl. oz.

In order to Maintain your NANOLAB WHEELS. Coating, Please follow these simple yet important steps:

  1. Spray NANOLAB IRON. on the wheel & caliper, wait untill it becomes purple and react with the IRON OXIDE particles
  2. Clean well and remove all of the dirt and wash well.
  3. When preparing for maintenance, ensure thorough surface cleaning using PREP / APC to eliminate any potential barriers that might lead to application failures.
  4. Apply an additional layer and get ready to enjoy a seamless experience.