PLASTIC 50ml Ceramic Coating by NANOLAB Ceramic Coatings Factory - Made in Israel


Introducing PLASTIC:

Our innovative flexible ceramic coating, specially formulated for plastic and rubber surfaces.

Experience unmatched durability and hydrophobicity, transforming the way you protect and enhance these materials. Our advanced coating shields plastic and rubber surfaces from the elements, ensuring long-lasting protection against uv rays, harsh weather conditions, wear and tear.

With its hydrophobic properties, water and other liquids effortlessly bead up and roll off, preventing damage and making cleanup a breeze.

Applying plastic is quick and hassle-free, allowing easy application by anyone.

Bottle Size: 50ml / 1.69 fl. oz.

In order to Maintain your NANOPRO PLASTIC. Ceramic Coating:

Clean the surface well with PREP / APC, and re-apply.