Certainly yes. There isn’t any product that can guarantee to keep your vehicle completely free of debris and dirt! However, by installing a ceramic coating, you will spend much less time and effort on your wash process.

The clear coat currently on your vehicle is hardened coating meant to protect the paint’s colored layer. This clear layer is bound to become damaged from a lot of factors like bird droppings, bugs, marks, and automatic car wash among other things. This leads to nasty marks that will hamper clarity, and thus obstruct your colored paint layer’s view. To get rid of these nasty marks, we use the paint correction process and it removes small quantities of your clear coat to reach the extent of defect. There is just a limited amount of clear coat on the vehicle which you can only polish so many times. It’s here that Ceramic Coating comes in handy. Upon being applied, it adds the vehicle a thick, hardened layer of clear coat. The layer contains a more highly rated hardness level than your factory clear coat. This makes it much more resistant to etchings, scratches and marring. The ceramic coating improves the surface tension, giving it the capability to repel liquids. The layer also doubles up as a sacrificial layer, which means that should it get damaged, you’ll just remove it and still remain with factory clean on our car.

At NANOPRO, we provide three levels of protection to cars. We have 1 year, 2-year and 5-year packages. With these packages, you can be sure of the best in terms of long-term protection, and are backed with for these timeframes. The warranty ensures that our coatings perform properly for the time period desired. However, for long term protection, proper maintenance is paramount.

It’s very safe. Ceramic coating products have been designed to be safe for every surface which includes your paint. Ceramic coating won’t damage your paint or clearcoat and won’t void any warranty by the car manufacturer.

Yes. Even a brand new vehicle right from the showroom must be prepared thoroughly before applying ceramic coatings. Factory defects like sanding marks, swirls from transportation prep and handler marring can be visible even after inspection. New vehicles get transported on open trailers, or even railroad cars. These vehicles cover hundreds or even thousands of miles, often through changing weather, rail dirt, grime and leaking cars above it. Most dealerships will wash their cars using improper methods. This will result to light scratches and washing mars. All these will need to be properly corrected before any ceramic products can be installed.

No. Ceramic coating won’t peel, yellow or crack. Our products have been put through stringent LAB & real-life testing in the world’s toughest environments, and they’ve passed with flying colors!

Yes. One of the outstanding Ceramic Coating properties is that they are highly versatile and can protect virtually any surface they are applied to.

Yes. After you’ve applied ceramic coating, it won’t be necessary to wax again. It’s very easy to clean your vehicle’s paint. It’s much like maintaining your windshield or glass. There is no need for waxes/sealants or abrasive washes.

Yes it will. After applying ceramic coating, it becomes 3X tougher than the paint. This is because the coating is considerably more resistant to scratching. Ceramic coating is just glass coating, and although glass can still be chipped and scratched, it is way more resistant compared to clearcoat.

Maintenance is in fact the great thing when it comes to ceramic coating products. You just need water and mild or dish soap and you are good to go. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals or clay bars. You can even use a No Rinse lubricant or a glass cleaner to easily and quickly maintain your coating.

No. the only person who can apply Ceramic Coating is a certified and trained professional. It requires a keen attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of how solvent-based coatings work.

Installation of Ceramic Coating takes anywhere from one to five days and depends on several factors like the package you choose, the size of the vehicle and your paint condition. Firstly, you need to wash and have the vehicle prepped. Secondly, you need to embark on correcting all the imperfections contained in the paint like scratches and swirls. After properly prepping the vehicle, a body shop safe prep is applied to the whole vehicle to have bare paint. The coating process thus begins at this stage. Each panel of the car is applied Ceramic Pro, leveled and then stacked to come up with the package selected.

Being silica-based product, ceramic coating is basically glass coating. NANO PRO Ceramic Coating adds a little bit of rock chip resistance, but it can still get the rock chips from high speeds or larger rocks. Your windshield glass will get some rock chips, although much less compared to your clearcoat.

Yes, Ceramic Coating does a fantastic job of protecting your polished/chrome finishes from corrosion, discoloration and oxidation. Thanks to the self-cleaning property of Ceramic Coating, maintenance is quite effortless. There is no need to continuously polish the chrome or polished finishes to maintain its original luster.

No. However, it allows those nasty water spots to be removed easily without causing damage to the surface. Because Ceramic Coating forms a protective over the substrate, it won’t allow minerals etch or corrode the surface being protected by NANO PRO Ceramic Coating. This will in turn prolong the life cycle of your paints, metals, plastics, vinyl and gelcoat among other things. Ceramic Coating refers to a silica- or glass-based product and the windshield glass can still have water spots. However, it has a much higher level of resistance to water spots than the clearcoat.

Yes. Ceramic coating protects your vinyl from any accidental spills, oil/grime, UV rays and stains. Ceramic Pro is entirely flexible and won’t crack or even peel from the vinyl. As is the case with all surfaces, NANO PRO Ceramic Coating provides self-cleaning effect which allows your vinyl to be cleaned easily. Bid bye to countless vinyl cleaning agents.

Certainly not! We have within our ranks certified professionals and trainers who are specialists in surface correction. Your vehicle will be restored by our professionals so that it returns to its absolute best condition.

No. You can’t just wash away ceramic coating like you do to a sealant or wax. This gives it durable results. You have to use abrasion to remove the coating.

Yes. For your warranty not to be voided, it’s important that you attend a yearly service. This way, you can be sure the ceramic coating works properly for the whole period of warranty. If you miss an annual inspection for any reason, the warranty defaults to lesser package at the time that you miss the annual inspection. In other words, Gold warranty becomes Silver warranty every time you miss an annual service.

No! Ceramic Coating products are permanent replacement to sealants and wax. Those products won’t have use anymore!


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