What is the thickness of Ceramic Coating?

This Article is just to get an idea of what can be the maximum thickness of a ceramic coating.

What people say?
As a cermic coating manufacturer I am always getting some pictures and posts of peopel on facebook and instagram about ceramic coatings thickness and the application and measuring 20 microns more not even in the same spot, claim it was added to the clearcoat just with the ceramic coating application 2, 3 or 4 layers, it doesn’t really matters.

What is the real truth?
In this article I want to explain how it is not even possible to get more than 1 micron from a layer of ceramic coating, and what happens when you apply ceramic coating and what really left on the clearcoat.

Measuring the thickness of a ceramic coating without buffing and evaporation
Without getting into mathematics it will be hard to measure a real ceramic coating thickness.
Facts: Ceramic coating application usually takes 10-20ml per layer for a medium size car.
That gives us about 1ml per 1 square meter
Some quick facts:
1 cubic cm = 1ml/cc
1 square meter = 10,000 square cetimeters
1 cm = 10,000 microns

Divide the 1ml ceramic coatign you apply on a square meter, its a 1 square centimeter divided to 10,000 square centimeters
Which gives us 0.0001 cm, which is
1 micron thick

What is the real ceramic coating thickness after application?
After understanding that the maximum ceramic coating thickness can be 1 micron, the residue on the applicator, buffing and evaporation will remove about 50% of the ceramic coating you applied, even if it is a very thick material that is 100% solids, you are not left with much.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process

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