How to properly apply ceramic coating

Ceramic coating application is divided into separate steps.
So, after you washed, clayed, and polished the surface, you need to move to the next, and very important step before the ceramic coating application.

1. Surface Preparation
First thing first, before the application of Ceramic Coating, or any coating, you need to clean or remove any material that may interrupt your coating to adhere to the clear coat, including Oil, Silicone & Polish residue.
This step is usually done with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol or with specifically formulated advanced materials such as STERILE. that will break down the oil stronger to ensure a stronger adhesion of the Ceramic Coating to the surface.

2. The Conditions for Ceramic Coating Application
Application of the ceramic coating should be done in an air-conditioned with controlled humidity and temperature area.
If you are building your detailing shop and willing to offer ceramic coatings, it is recommended to build a small room just for the application process. It will make your work easier and will save you time and money.

3. Application Tools
You want to create an even layer of the ceramic coating when applying the layers, so using a sponge block (covered in microfiber or suede towel) is a good tool to apply with. The type of sponge doesn’t really matter. The simple rule is that it has to have a straight surface and a microfiber on it to create an even layer.
Recommended sponge size is what you feel comfortable with.

4. The X application
Most recommended ceramic coating even spreading is with the square and the X technique
First, you define the range you want to cover, you make the square (or any other shape that fits the surface part), and then you make the X inside of it, and then you use the criss-cross motions to ensure an even layer of ceramic coating with enough material everywhere and you can cover all of the defined area in one, even layer.

5. Second Layer & Top Coat
Applying the 2nd layer of ceramic coating or a topcoat requires a minimum curing time.
For ceramic coating 2nd layer, it is recommended to wait at least 4 hours between the layers.
For the ceramic coating topcoat application, it is recommended to wait at least 12 hours before the application.
If you are using Infra-Red (IR) Lamps, it can make your wait shorter.

6. Full Curing & 1st wash
The ceramic coating needs at least 7 days before it is fully cured. If you can give it more days it is even better. Before full curing, do not wash or let any water get in touch with the coating. That will ensure great results and years of protection.

For proper 1st Wash read our article Ceramic Coating 1st Wash & Maintenance.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process and the results.

Gavriel Bechor, CEO
MFZM LTD – The Coatings Factory

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