Ceramic Coating 1st Wash & Maintenance

Congratulations! Now your vehicle is coated with ceramic coating and your car is glossy and protected.
Still, it’s kind of nerve-wracking to find out if your coating will keep you protected for a long time or your ceramic coating has malfunctioned?
The answer is depending on the ceramic coating maintenance. Proper washes, Re-Top Coat, keep away extreme pH materials, and so on.
In this article, I will share my experience and knowledge with you, so you can keep the great results that the manufacturer of the ceramic coating worked hard for.

Proper 1st wash.
Your ceramic coating has a full curing time that with exposure to heat and humidity, the catalyst is starting to work with the Liquid Quartz which in that time, the coating forms a strong and hard Quartz layer.
It is very important to let this stage to finish properly.

When should I wash the vehicle after ceramic coating?
If it’s summertime, you should get a faster curing time, which allows you to wash your car after 7 days.
If it is winter, cold or you are in a very low humidity country, you should give your coating more time to cure. My recommendation is 14 days. After that period of time, you can safely be sure that your coating has fully cured and is safe for the 1st wash.
You can also wait 14 days in summer to be on the safe side.

How should I wash my ceramic coating?
After the full curing time, it is recommended to 1st wash your car as gently as you can. Use water pressure and a pH balanced, daily soap.
If you are using the 2 buckets, try not to push the sponge too hard on the coating.
Remember – do not use strong acids/degreaser on your coating, it may hurt the hydrophobicity if it is too extreme.
If your coating is durable with acids or degreasers, make sure to check the pH and its compatibility with your ceramic coating.

How often should I maintain the Ceramic Coating?
Your Quartz Coating is mixed with Hydrophobic & Oleophobic materials that helps repel water & oil from your car.
As time goes by, the hydrophobicity reduces, and the maintenance will bring your ceramic coating back its Gloss & hydrophobicity as it was from day 1.
Applying RECOAT. every 6 months will keep your ceramic coating alive just as new.

Gavriel Bechor, CEO
MFZM LTD – The Coatings Factory

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